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Writing and evaluating FACPL policies


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  • Tutorial
    • First Policy
    • Permit all
    • Target Expressions
    • Combining Alg - 1
    • Combining Alg - 2
    • Obligation - 1
    • Obligation - 2

  • Real Scenario
    • e-Health Domain
      • e-Prescription enabled
      • e-Dispensation enabled
      • All enabled
      • All disabled

    Manage access to e-Prescription and e-Dispensation services

  • * This function is available only for Chrome and Safari. For other browsers copy and paste policies and request (files with _R) from the link below

    FACPL Examples

Write a set of FACPL policy and the request to evaluate in the text box below and then click the Run! button. Follow the FACPL guide for writing the code.
The text box supports the Undo(Ctrl+Z) command.

If multiple top-level policies are defined in the box, the following PDP algorithm is used to combine them.

PDP Combining Algorithm



(The authorisation decisions possibly reported in the following assume permit-overrides as top-level combining algorithm)


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